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I would like to introduce you all to my hunky, guido-tastic new boyfriend, Ronnie Magro from MTV’s Jersey Shore! Aren’t we the hottest couple?

Okay, okay I’m totally kidding. He’s not really my boyfriend. He’s actually completely smitten by his adorable girlfriend Sammi Sweetheart. But I did get a chance to hang with him, and once we started talking about his ripped pecs, abs, etc, it inspired this week’s topic: Weekends!

Ronnie told me that despite the temptations lurking around every corner of the boardwalk during his time at the shore – including greasy funnel cakes, ginormous pizza slices, and mile-high ice cream cones – he stayed on track with his very strict diet and hitting the gym every day! “I don’t know how I did it,” he confessed, “but I did!”

Ronnie’s diet consists of four protein shakes a day and two meals, which are usually made up of a protein and whole grain like a turkey burger and brown rice. To maintain his sculpted physique, he avoids sugar, white carbs and always “mixes it up at the gym”. You know how those boys roll, GTL baby!

I’ve already explained my philosophy on getting tipsy as I was taught by my guru David Barton of DavidBartonGym. It included how I keep the drinks to a minimum and switched out my super high-cal fruity cocktails to the lighter but still delish vodka with club and lime! But unfortunately, that is not the only hurdle that we face during my very favorite time of the week. There’s birthday cakes, shots, date nights, wings during football, lack of sleep, Sunday brunches, crashing at your friends place and the list goes on (feel free to tack on your own struggles in the comments section below!)

So, here is how I survived this Saturday:

11:00am, Brunch:
Aside from drinking tons of water, I had to order off the menu. This is something that waiters tend to get cranky about, but it’s their job! There is a whole kitchen full of ingredients and there’s no reason that the chef cannot whip up something that will make you happy. I ordered three egg whites and a side of oatmeal with a coffee which I added some skim milk to. (I’m pretty sure I even inspired my buddy Robert to get an egg white spinach omelet instead of something more indulgent – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!). Since I knew I’d be heading to the gym after this, I made sure to drink tons of water throughout the meal, especially since eggs naturally have lots of salt in them.

1:30pm, Gym:
It was a shoulders day! And of course, everyday is a cardio and ab day (as per my gym boss David Barton). When I got home I had a protein shake (Jay Robb’s!) and some brown rice cereal.

4:00pm, Shopping:
If you shop at a mall there are so many temptations! Pretzels, cookies, and coffee shops are everywhere you look! Just stay focused. You’re not there for trick or treating. It’s not time to fill up on sugar and empty calories, its time to shop! We grabbed lunch at the food court and I had a salad from the make-your-own salad place with chicken on it. On the way out, I hit up Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte (a splurge I have not yet learned how to live without!).

8:00pm, Dinner:
It’s easy to forget to eat when your getting ready for a night out on the town, but don’t let it happen! This can lead to you over-indulging later on when you’re starving and possibly had a few drinks so you won’t make the best choices. I cooked up a turkey burger and brown rice (a la Ronnie!) which I sprinkled with flax seeds and sat down to eat before getting dolled up!

10:30pm, Out to the clubs for my sister’s birthday!
I’ll admit that I started out the night with a sugar-free Red Bull, but after that, my drink switched back to Vodka and club with lime and I drank them very slowly and ended up having three drinks over the course of many hours. Another easy way to burn calories when your out? Dance!

I ended up getting in very early the following morning (hey, I am in my early twenties here! And it was my sister’s birthday!) and needed to sleep it all off the next day, but I did NOT run and grab any greasy ‘hangover food”! The next morning, I had a protein shake, some oatmeal, and went for a very long walk at a decent pace to keep things moving. So what do you think? Would Ronnie approve?

Loni with Ronnie from Jersey Shore

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