Not only does Martha Stewart see a future in pole dancing, but the domestic doyenne, 68, would like to place her name in the running for the American Idol judge seat about to be vacated by Simon Cowell.

“I’d be the best American Idol judge because I’m fair,” she tells me during the American Antiques Show benefiting the American Folk Art Museum held this week in NYC.

Unlike other big names such as Simon, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks and Conan O’Brien, however, Martha won’t be leaving her post as host of The Martha Stewart Show.

How long does she intend to continue her chatfest?

“Forever,” she says. “I love doing my show.”

Ever the savvy businesswoman, Martha won’t choose sides in the battle between Team Conan and Team Jay Leno.

“I like both of those guys, so I hope that they’ll both be back on soon.”

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