While most kids might get a little freaked out to hear their dad’s voice coming out of a cartoon mouse, James Wilkie Broderick is totally cool with his pop’s voice role in The Tale of Desperaux.


"He’s seen it and he loved it. We saw it together about two weeks ago," Matthew Broderick says of watching the animated Desperaux with his son James. "It’s fun for him and he gets into the movie pretty quickly and he’s seen me in a few things so he’s not that thrown by it. He’s used to me being in cartoons."


James and his parents Matthew and Sarah Jessica Parker are quite loyal to NYC, and are often seen out and about in their hometown. This holiday season will be no different for the happy little family.


"I’m going to be in the city basically, in New York," Matthew tells OK! of their holiday plans. "We’re not traveling. We’re having a family-type, small Christmas."


Reporting by Laura Lane

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