Despite Michael K. Williams’ solid fan base from his role as Omar in the hit series The Wire, the celeb still gets starstruck. His latest role introduced him to one of his all time faves. “Come on, we’ve all been Viggo-tized before,” Michael tells PopEater of Viggo Mortensen, the Lord of the Rings stud and his The Road co-star. “He has that charisma, he has a swagger. He’s a great dude.”

However, Michael is not as frantic as Viggo’s female fans.

“(But) I have my own kind of love affair with him,” Michael tells PopEater. “I know whenever I see him in God’s green earth I am going to get a hug. And we’re going to get a drink, time-permitting. And we’ll kick it a little bit.”

Michael’s fan base is far from shabby. President Barack Obama singled him out as his favorite actor on his favorite television series. The extraordinary compliment led to Michael meeting the President after the election.

“[Obama] was like ‘Where’s Omar at!!! That’s my man!! He’s a man with a code,’ ” Michael recalls, beaming.

“He found me and gave me the homeboy handshake with the hug and the pat behind the back. I had this thing I was going to tell him which was like you take over Washington and I’ll take over Hollywood and I’ll meet you back at the ranch. And I looked in this man’s face and I saw his grace. He has a light over him. I was just like, ‘God bless you, God Bless you.’ That’s all I could say.”

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