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For all the controversy Miley Cyrus generates with her stage moves, crazy videos and Instagram photos, there remains at heart a talented singer. And that, Miley tells OK!, is what she wants fans to rediscover on her Bangerz tour, which just kicked off last week in Vancouver.

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“It really is like a workout,” says Miley about her singing and dancing during the tour. “When I’m doing these shows, by the end I’m so drained, but then you have to do it again, and you have to do it every night. So you’ve got to build up the stamina. It’s really intense, being on the road.”

Miley, 21, prepares by taking a little quiet time three hours before each performance.“If I get nervous, I need to lock it down,” she tells OK!. “I need to sit out, get my mind right, and rest my voice.”

Here’s what else Miley had to say about her performing live on stage:

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OK!: What’’ s your goal on this tour?
Miley Cyrus: I want to see people sing along and participate in my show. Sometimes that’’s hard. — There are people in the front row with their phones in front of their face, not getting involved.… I’’m like, “put your phone down and actually dance and be a part of the show!”

OK!: Any plans to shock the audience?
MC: I’m more focused on people being excited about me as a singer rather than someone who shocks people. I want people to be like, “She did some things that were crazy, but at the end of the day, it was about her voice.”

OK!: But you won’t be boring!
It’s about being who you are, what makes you feel good.

OK!: With concert ticket prices so high, do you feel any pressure to put on a more exciting show?
MC: It’s never been about me making money. I want it to be something that’s worth going to see. I understand that my fans are young, they work hard to come to my show. My priority is giving them the best show we possibly can.

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OK! Why are animals such a big part of your concerts?
MC: Our whole tour is based around animals. I don’t know if my dog Floyd knows how famous I’m making him, but I have Floyd involved in the show.

OK!: How will you spend your free time in between shows?
MC: It’s hard because we get stuck on these 30-hour drives. It’s weird when you’re on tour, sometimes I get to feel like I’m a bit normal. I ride motorbikes sometimes. But I like traveling around on the open road and I like going out in different cities.

OK!: What’s the one thing you always need to have in your tour bus?
MC: In my tour rider I used to ask for Guitar Hero and Frosted Flakes. Now I just kind of want the Guitar Hero.

OK!: What do you think your fans will take from your show?
MC: I know people make it seem that all I know how to do is come out and shock people. That isn’t what it is. I think what girls see is that there’s a feminist energy there.

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