A girl has got to have a BFF.

After growing up watching TV shows where a sidekick was more common than a family pet, I came to believe that a solid bestie was pretty much a life essential.

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It’s not like I could sit on my bed and vent away through solo song like Emma Roberts did in Unfabulous—and even she had Geena Fabiano to chat with when the situation called for it.

Honestly, I love atmosphere that TV BFFs (specifically gal pals) bring to this world. And like anyone else who was fascinated with world inside the TV screen, I have my favorites. Topping my list is Lizzie McGuire and Miranda Sanchez.

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Miranda was the cool, edgy, extraordinary friend that we all wished we had. The girl could wear like three ponytails (created with scrunchies!) in her hair and STILL not look like she was headed out to go trick or treating.

Lizzie, on the other hand, was that poppy, upbeat blonde that was way cooler than Kate Sanders but hadn’t figured it out yet. They were total opposites. Considering that Miranda never really cared about Kate’s unwillingness to be slumber party buddies with Lizzie, it was a miracle that they got along in the first place. It’s like their friendship formed out of a secret club that no one knew about.

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Miranda and Lizzie also maintained that three-of-a-kind friendship with Gordo that we totally know wouldn’t have worked in real life. Who didn’t want to have a best girlfriend AND a best guy friend?

Yes, Lizzie started crushing on Gordo in Italy, but that wasn’t until that Paolo guy sweeped Lizzie off her feet in an attempt to ruin Isabella’s singing career in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Sorry! I’m getting ahead of myself.

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In real life, Lizzie and Miranda would have probably both developed feelings for Gordo and wouldn’t have admitted their undying love for him until one of them was dating him. This really means that they would wave at each other from across the hallway and maybe giggle every now and then. 

Lizzie and Miranda also got in arguments that gave the show a breath of fresh air.  Give us the drama, people! A little bicker is acceptable now and then.

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These are just a few reasons why Miranda and Lizzie are my favorite BFFs. Just don’t get me started on Cory and Shawn—I could chat about them for days. 

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