Joe Jackson is not satisfied with the investigation into his youngest son Michael Jackson’s untimely passing. As a result, the concerned father has requested medical records from the UCLA Medical Center — where MJ was pronounced dead on June 25 — due to his belief that foul play was involved in Michael’s death.

Not everyone feels investigating the medical records is a good idea.

Joe’s subpoena has enraged MJ’s estate lawyers, TMZ reports.

Brian Oxman, Joe’s lawyer, sent two subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center, according to TMZ.

Oxman asked for more than just medical records on Joe’s behalf. The requests also include autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.??

Joe told TMZ his entire family backs the subpoenas including Katherine Jackson and MJ’s brothers and sisters.

He said the Jackson family believes the medical records will show what was in Michael’s body when he passed, and in return will reveal foul play.

MJ’s estate lawyer Howard Weitzman is not pleased with the investigation, calling the subpoenas “clearly improper,” according to TMZ.

Weitzman believes the subpoenas violate Michael’s right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege, as stated in a letter obtained by TMZ.

Weitzman also said that Joe ‘s requests do not relate to his only legal claim, a financial allowance.

Michael’s sister Janet Jackson believes foul play was involved in her brother’s death. She opened up on the issue in an interview with Robin Roberts.

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