Model Molly Sims at Airbnb's Hello LA event at The Grove on Monday, September 30, 2013 in Los Angeles.Molly Sims knows a thing or two about interior design, and her style is totally on point, as evidenced by her Airbnb Hello LA pop-up on display in the city’s shopping mecca The Grove. The actress and model hosted an Old Hollywood Lawn Party on Monday afternoon to coincide with the unveiling of her curated pod, which is every bit as glam as she is. Molly chats with OK! about her design loves and her adorable son Brooks.

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OK!: How did Airbnb come up with the design for your pop-up?

Molly Sims: They ask you like 50 questions, everything from what food you eat, how you eat it…it’s so amazing. And they were so spot on. At first I wasn’t sure about the wall paper but I love it. It’s funny, I used this (the wallpaper) in my old office in a purplish and it’s something I think you might get sick of in three or four years but it’s just one wall. That’s what I’ll tell somebody—do something bold on something you can change, like one wall. Don’t do the entire space. And I love black and white as a staple for any room. You can add florals, pastels, bold colors. It’s such a great palette. It’s a great palette to mix with any era, so if you want to do seventies with your golds, if you want to do modern with your lacquer, it’s a really good neutral palette.

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OK!: When you’re a mom, it’s so hard to keep the grownup space and the kid space separate—how do you do it?

MS: We don’t have a coffee table anymore. We don’t have a chair anymore. But we’ve got toys everywhere. It’s so funny because I have an apartment in New York that I’ve owned for seven years and, again, I’m like, “We’ve gotta do something.” We were there for two weeks and we got rid of two chairs, a side table, a coffee table, a lamp…because I’m like, “There’s no place to put things!” It’s crazy. That’s one thing you can appreciate about LA—there’s a little bit more space.

OK!: Do you have your designated area in your home that’s just for you?

MS: Yes, I have an office. I love it. It’s fantastic. It has a vintage throw, hot pink essentials, an old grey couch—I love it. It’s small, but I like it. But I feel like the child takes over the whole house. It’s unbelievable.

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OK!: Is there any style that you would love to try without fully committing to?

MS: I just kind of did it and I just worked with mid century. I was kind of scared of it because for one, we’re such big big people. My husband is 6’5 and I’m almost 5’10. So I had to mix it in and make it feminine but I love the wood, I love elements of it and I’m so glad I did it. But it did scare me. I think the more strict modern scares me so it has to be in pieces.

OK!: What fun stuff is your little guy doing right now?

MS: He’s running. He’s like a parrot—he’s starting to say things. No being one of them. He’s just so fun. They make you realize just how truly precious your time is. People always say it goes so fast and it does.

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