The Kardashian-Jenners do holiday cards right.
credit: Nick Saglimbeni

You’ve gotta give ’em credit, the Kardashian-Jenners know how to pull off a fabulous holiday card photo. Granted they’ve also admitted to photo shopping people in due to scheduling conflicts, which takes away from the warmth of the season just a little bit, but their photographer Nick Saglimbeni captures the fam perfectly (whether it’s one by one or the whole brigade).

As we inch closer to the most wonderful time of the year, it’s time to start thinking about getting your own brood together for a photo op. Chicago-based photographer Georgia Cobb Torcasio (who has shot the likes of the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez) owns Your Best Side Photography and shares some of her tips for capturing great family moments.

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Your holiday card pic doesn’t have to be your latest photo.

The shot that encapsulates your family life, at any time of the year, is best. Generally speaking, as long as it was shot sometime over the course of the past year, it works. Don’t get wrapped up in getting the absolute most current possible pic. If you had a moment on the beach over the summer where everyone was fabulously tan, use it!

Plan your shoot with enough time to order cards.

If you were to strategize, think about when you want people to receive your cards. “Typically” you’ll need to shoot, wait for the turnaround of your images, select your winner, select your card design, order, receive, then sign seal and deliver. I would say to give yourself  a month to get them done.

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photo: Georgia Cobb Torcasio, Your Best Side Photography

Don’t stress.

The first golden rule is for the parents to be cool as cucumbers.  Kiddos totally pick up on your level of stress over most situations. Give yourselves plenty of time to get ready and get to your shoot. Do your best to be extremely prepared for anything, but don’t freak out on them or yourself. Roll with it, embrace the crazy, and meditate on the fact that if you’re working with someone good, they’ll get the shots! If possible, make sure everyone has napped and eaten before the shoot. Try to figure out when they are at their best and schedule your shoot for then. I rarely have anyone with toddlers request “the witching hour” for good reason.

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Channel your inner stylist.

If you plan on converting any photos to black/white, avoid colors that may look like your skin tone once in gray scale. White and black always look nice. Personally I think kids look great in bright punchy colors. Avoid anything with a tiny pattern; solids or large patterns will photograph better.  When picking wardrobe for your whole family, I think it looks great when you pick a foundation color and have everyone with pops of something coordinating.  When trying to get a large group together, keep it simple; something like everyone in fall tones.

Things to avoid. 

Please, please, please don’t dress everyone in the same outfit—especially if it’s khaki’s and a white button down. I would hope that the thousands of style shows on TV have shown us that the same outfit just doesn’t work on every figure.  You want to coordinate, not match.  Do not get a haircut the night before the shoot. Unless you are never seen without your glasses, leave them off; they can create glare.  And lose the gum!

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