The TV Fanatic and OK!’s Joyce Eng and Rana Meyer break down your fave shows!

How I Met Your Mother: “What I love about this show is its
attention to detail and continuity. You hardly ever get that, but if you’re a
plot nut like me, you know you can always turn to HIMYM for embedded shout-outs
to episodes and storylines of seasons past. That was definitely prominent last
night when the gang harks back to Robin’s commitment-phobic, gun-toting,
Canadian and Field of Dreams-loathing bad self while Doug, the 6-year-old son of Robin’s
date with whom Robin develops an affinity, is the same smart ass who extorted Marshall in last season’s
“Monday Night Football” episode. Did you catch that? That alone made
giggle with joy. Cliché-spewing Robin trying to dump little Dougie only to get
dumped by the kid was great – although was anyone else wondering why Robin
wasn’t more peeved by the fact that her date was seeing two women? I guess they
really weren’t that exclusive. But the best part of the episode was the main
Who Has More Game? storyline between Ted and Barney with the Barnacle slyly tricking
Ted from the beginning, telling him he’s already bedded the babe to get in his
head only to reveal he has not. The new interpretation of what had taken place
is once again classic HIMYM. And the little park ranger Barneys crawling over
the chick? Awesome. I would pay for tiny Barneys to rappel on my shoulder and
pop up between my boobs. Last but not least — poor Marshall attempting to prove he still has
game to no avail – ‘Once. You’ve had sex once. How was it?’” – Joyce

The Bachelor: “The Bachelor‘s producers were a bit sadistic tonight. After
witnessing a heated spat between Jade and Deanna, they choose the two of them
to go on the two-on-one date. Instant drama insured! Didi wasn’t there to play.
Every time Jade mentioned a hardship in her life, Didi one-upped her. Brad must
have liked Didi’s tough, in-your-face approach, because he gave her the rose
and sent Jade, the nicer one, home. The rest of the girls had to perform improv
on stage. Brad said he wanted to see which girl wasn’t shy or reserved. (Is he
looking for a wife who puts on a show when they argue?) Of course, Hillary, who
seemed to have the most fun, didn’t win, but shy and reserved Bettina did. Can
you say ironic? There was a lot of kissing going on in this episode. On a scale
of one to 10, I give Brad’s kissing style an eight. In the end, Brad sent
Stephy and McCarten home. Thank goodness they’re down to six. I’m still having
trouble telling these girls apart!” – TV Fanatic

Heroes: “If you ever thought that you had to deal with an
overprotective father then you have nothing on poor Claire. It’s hard enough
for her having to deal with hiding her super-healing powers from the whole
world, but now when she meets a guy she can connect with, she has to now hide
it from her father. And then there’s the talks she has to put up with from dear
old dad. Dad: “We need to talk about boys.” Claire: “Oh, please, not the sex talk
again, it was painful enough the first time.” We’ve all been in that situation
before, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, we meet a new hero, Monica, a cousin of
Micah’s, in New Orleans.
Are we going to find out that all of these heroes are related? Now come on,
that would be a little farfetched. But Monica has the coolest power yet. She
watches something on TV and presto, magic, she can do it herself, whether it be
cutting a tomato into a flower or doing a kick-butt wrestling move. But, my
only complaint with Heroes is that there is so much going on that we didn’t get
to see all of the characters last night. There was no Hiro, Ando, Niki or
Peter? How can I get through the week without my Peter Petrelli fix? But no
worries, he returns next week. Along with the introduction of a new hero,
played by the fabulous Kristen Bell.” – Rana

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