OK!‘s Rana Meyer breaks down your favorite show of the night! 


Heroes: "This was the last episode of Heroes for this year, so it was dubbed as the winter finale, and what an ending it was. After a tough season, everything was finally tied together. Sylar made it back to Mohinder’s apartment in NYC with Mya and when Mohinder showed up and Sylar demanded that he save him from the virus, Mya finally saw his true colors. But the big reveal really came when little Molly offered to use her powers to find Mya’s brother. But since he was dead, she was unable to do so, and Mya realized that Sylar had killed him. Which led Sylar to kill her, but that decision was immediately regretted since Sylar wanted to take over her powers. So they used the curing blood to save her, but while they were distracted Sylar took off with the rest of it, so he could return to his true evil power-wielding self. And that is definitely not going to be good for anybody. Meanwhile, as Peter and Adam continued to search for the virus in Odessa, Texas, Nathan, Matt and Hiro finally caught up with them and luckily before Adam could release it into the world, Hiro grabbed him and zapped themselves away. Luckily, Peter grabbed it just in time and destroyed it. At the same, Hiro realized the only way to stop Adam was to bury him alive. Now that is what I call torture. What could be possibly be worse than being able to live forever, but being buried alive. I get claustrophobic just thinking about it. However, just as Nathan decided to reveal all of their secrets to the public, and this story would come to an end, he was shot in the chest, which opened so many new doors for the paths that these Heroes will take. We’ll have to wait until 2008 to find out what happens next. It’s going to be a long wait." — Rana


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