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I Love New York 2: “The reason I don’t like to watch this show is because it really should be my fine self picking from a group of eligible, interested bachelors. But, after tuning in to see New York choose between the last men standing, Buddha and Tailor Made, I just may be the lucky one. New York took the boys down to Jamaica for their final one-on-one time. Buddha clearly had the upper hand at dinner, staring down New York like she was a T-bone steak he couldn’t wait to tear into. But Tailor Made who outwitted Buddha to get New York to himself for the rest of the night by telling her he was giving her a present, and then presented an empty gift box, saying it was just a ruse to get her alone. Pretty sneaky! Tailor Made begged the gods to intervene as New York and Buddha went off for their romantic 24-hour date. (And yes, I got to agree with Buddha on this one, who the heck wants to be with a woman who whines over getting on a horse? Man up, NY!!) His prayers were answered when Sister Patterson showed up and gave him a self-esteem jolt – literally – by slapping him across the face. It made Tailor made run out and buy New York and engagement ring. Ummm, didn’t he watch last season? The last man who proposed to New York kicked her to the curb a few months later (on purpose? How else would we have gotten I Love New York 2?!) But he presented it anyway, and even though New York seemed taken aback, it did the trick. At the final ceremony, New York announced that while she felt so connected to Buddha, who finally and reluctantly admitted that he was in love with her, they were both so strong-willed they would just be fighting all the time. So she was going with Tailor Made, who catered to her every whim. She didn’t accept his proposal, but told him if he asked again in 24 months, she’ll be ready. Great. That’s just about as long as it will take for him to get his divorce finalized.” – TV Fanatic

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