Hold up! How can we call these characters nerds if they are actually smokin' hot in real life? With a little TV wardrobe change and maybe a haircut, their characters would have been regulation hotties! But, hey. That's the job of an actor.

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But in all reality, every female role on their show or movie would be dying to get their digits. We know we would! Shia Labeouf played an annoying little brother on Even Stevens, but the genes are just too hard to escape. Exhibit B? Adam Brody on The O.C

Let's take it from the beginning. We mentioned Shia first, so he's the most appropriate TV nerd character to forge the good-looking path. Between the pranks, schemes, and constant teasing, he was a big sister's worst nightmare. Then he grew up and started playing a heartthrob, also known as himself. 

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Shia was adorable then, but now, especially with the scruffy facial hair, he's steamin'. 

This one we'll never understand. John Francis Daley plays Sam Weir on Freaks and Geeks, but he actually made it into our hottie handbook—the charm is just contagious. And the curly? It's working for him! 

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Emile Hirsch plays the super awkward guy in Girl Next Door who is vying for the attention of his gorgeous blonde neighbor. In the movie, Emile might think his dream girl is out of reach, but in real life, this would be no issue whatsoever. The green-eyed boy is a dreamboat.  

Oh, Roger. The countless times you were told to walk out the front door are now irrelevant. As Tia and Tamera's next-door-neighbor, Marques Houston was overly affectionate and girl-crazy. If he was still playing Roger, the girls would be running after him. 

Urkel wasn't a TV character that you'd beg to go out with. But that was just his nerdy, yet hilarious, character. Urkel was played by Jaleel White—a hunk if we've ever met one. 

Adam Brody's character on The O.C was a little dorky too. He's one of the cutest guys on TV, so the character trait is completely overlooked. 

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