TV pitchman Billy Mays‘ widow Deborah Mays, who has taken issue with her husband’s original autopsy results, released a statement detailing the findings of an independent medical examiner, Dr. William L. Manion, who found that, “Chronic cocaine use was not demonstrated by the autopsy findings of Mr. William Mays,” TMZ reports.

The new report by Dr. William L. Manion also states, “In addition, there is nothing in his medical, social or professional history to suggest chronic cocaine use. Therefore, I do not believe cocaine played a significant contributing factor in the death of Mr. Mays as the autopsy specimens and findings are not consistent with the cardiac conditions normally observed in a person chronically using cocaine.”

The first autopsy performed after Billy’s death in June was conducted by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner. The autopsy listed cocaine as a “contributing cause” of death as well as hypertensive and arteriosclerotic heart disease.

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