Not into the Super Bowl? Not to worry! Here’s what’s New on Netflix this weekend to keep your TV brain off of football.

PHOTOS: Super Bowl XLXI And More On TV This Weekend

Gimme Shelter
Vanessa Hudgens
plays a troubled, pregnant teen who turns her life around with the help of a women’s shelter. Minus the shelter part, this sounds a lot like Teen Mom, no? PS: Read our review of Gimme Shelter right HERE.

Proof (Available February 1)
This 2005 gem stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Gwyneth Paltrow—she’s a professor’s daughter, he’s that professor’s student. You can probably guess what happens next.

Varsity Blues
But if you are into the Super Bowl and want to watch something that’ll get you in the mood for Sunday, relive this amazing ’90s football film that gave us that epic quote “I…don’t want…your life.” Thanks, Dawson.

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