The Office is one of the most beloved television shows in recent memory, and it all ends tonight! The show has been on for about a million years (okay, eight), so it's very possible that you watched it religiously back in 2007 or so and have since dropped off. Worry not, we will catch you up before what is sure to be a weepy final hour.

OK! News: The Office star Brian Baumgartner gives his take on the series finale.

Andy has been the regional manager for a while now, but he recently resigned to pursue his dream of stardom. Any kind of stardom, from movies to music. The airing of the documentary inspired him!

When Andy quit, Dwight was appointed the new regional manager. This is actually a perfect way to end the leadership on The Office, to me. You know no one wanted it more than Dwight!

Jim convinced Dwight to finally confess his undying love to Angela. He proposed, and she accepted, and admitted that her baby is Dwight's! They'll live happily ever after on his giant beet farm (before this, she was homeless, so major upgrade).

Jim started working with a sports agency a few days a week in Philly, helping him live his dreams but also putting a strain on his relationship with Pam. After they went to couples therapy, he decided to give it up to work in Scranton full time. This is insane, and I really hope that Pam agrees to just let the family move to Philly tonight! We need them to escape this company.


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