Last night you were doing one of two things—watching the live stream of the Met gala (and checking out all the red carpet pics), OR watching the Rihanna 777 tour documentary that aired on FOX. Is that accurate?

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We here at were multi-tasking and doing both, because we're awesome like that. And despite the 777 tour being a bit of a disaster, we lived to tell the tale of the documentary about the tour and are sharing our favorite parts of the film with you. Here goes…

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Kaitlin, Senior Editor: My favorite part was their kick-off party on the plane. You absolutely knew that things were going to be disastrous, but with Rihanna screaming and popping bottles of champagne everywhere, you totally get why anyone would sign up for this. I will sign up for this, RiRi!

Lauren, Site Director: I don't have a fave moment per se . . . but every scene of the reporters on the plane, standing up, cheering, streaking naked, etc . . .was my BIGGEST nightmare and I really, really had anxiety for all those people. Obviously I'm not a great flyer and believe in sitting still with my seatbelt fastened at all times.

Victoria, Editorial Assistant: My favorite part would have to be when the fan showed her "R" tattoo. That's pure Rihanna dedication right there!

Kelli, Deputy Editor: The best thing about the 777 Tour was every time you see Rihanna tired after a concert and existing on basically no sleep from living on a plane for 7 days, she says something like, "I should go to bed, but I'm gonna go to the club instead." Girl after my own heart. 

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Emily, Social Media Manager: My favorite moment was her bathrobe that had a print of a hand smoking a cigarette. It's so odd that it's hard to even explain what it looked like!

Lea, Video Editor: It was hilarious to see Rihanna do an interview from the baggage claim in Toronto. You know RiRi wasn't there picking up her own bags! 

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Haley, Entertainment Editor: I was fascinated by seeing the different types of reporters who got to go on this crazy 7 day trip. My favorite was this one guy from Australia (the same guy who Lauren mentioned above that was streaking…) and how he developed a crush on a fellow female press person on the trip. I guess being in that close of quarters with 200 other people with little food, sleep, and bathing really lets you get to know a person…

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Which editor do you agree with? What was your favorite part of Rihanna 777? Would you have wanted to been on that plane or not so much? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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