OK! was backstage at 59th Primetime Emmy Awards yesterday, where everything is being set up for Sunday’s ceremony. The stage was still being set up as of press time, but it was interesting to see other components falling into place for Sunday’s gala special.

Teeming workers hammered and drilled and set up tables and chairs for the Governor’s Ball party, the press room tent and for the red carpet area. The red carpet is officially being rolled out tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. so it was too soon to see that.

However, it was still visually arresting to see the Governor’s Ball party table-tops replete with black linen tablecloths and placards of the Emmy statue against a black and white background. One was reminded of a wedding rehearsal dinner, a lovely tip-off with the frenzied air brimming with excitement for the big, memorable event. The vacant table and chairs left one lingering about which Emmy winners would meet and greet, which ones would gab and gossip and which ones would get passions percolating. The tour today showed the bare-bones blueprint, but the tour tomorrow will show how everything will fall into its proper place.

By David Lasky

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