As news surfaced this morning that Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish have called it quits, Hollywood has been left asking — who brought about the break-up?

Sources close to the couple say both sides are claiming they are responsible for the split. “Ryan ended the relationship recently while she was in Australia and asked her to come and remove her items from his residence,” a pal of Ryan’s tells OK!.

“She was gone for seven months in production and they basically grew apart,” the source adds. “They’d broken up a few times prior. There was no cheating or roving eyes.”


Over on Abbie’s side, a friend tells OK! the starlet was concerned over Ryan’s fidelity — especially since his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon recently ended her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

“Abbie has always questioned Ryan’s loyalty. How could she not? When she began dating him he was married, she’s a smart girl,” dishes the insider. “She knows men don’t change, she hoped he would but she always knew deep down this wasn’t forever.”


However Ryan’s pal insists that there was no other woman involved — including Ryan’s ex.

“He will always care about Reese, she is the mother of his kids and his first big love,” claims the source.

During the course of Abbie and Ryan’s romance, Abbie became close to his kids with Reese, Ava and Deacon.

“She is very sad about not seeing the kids regularly,” Abbie’s pal tells OK!. ” She loves them, adores them and will miss them terribly.”

Now that Abbie has moved out of Ryan’s home, where will she go next? Looks like the native Aussie might be heading back to her roots!

“She is seriously considering moving back to Australia before the summer. She moved here for Ryan, and now doesn’t really think she could stay in L.A. without him,” Abbie’s friend dishes to OK!. “She still hasn’t grown comfortable with living here and is just much more comfortable with family back in Australia. Her mother really wants her to come home.”

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