While Britney Spears might have had some minor success in revamping her career with her recent album, Blackout, the once-chart-topping singer still hasn’t reached the mega-hit status of her glory days. But instead of heading back into the studio to try again or go on tour to remind her fans how great she can be, sources close to the pop star tell OK! she’s only thinking skin deep.

“She’s always worrying about what she looks like,” one friend of the "Toxic" songtress reveals to OK!. “She checks pictures of herself on the Internet every night and criticizes every single one."

So what’s Brit-Brit’s attack plan for being beautiful? A little bit of nipping here and tucking there, says the friend. She already underwent lip enhancement and forehead Botox on Oct. 18, a decision which the friend says was "spur of the moment." But apparently Britney was pleased with the results so she’s singing "Gimme More" to the docs.

On her checklist: liposuction of the abdomen, hips and thighs ($18,000); a breast lift with change of silicone implants ($25,000); a mini tummy tuck ($18,000); and work on her nose ($20,000). Grand total: $81,000!

Should Brit go ahead with the surgery, this will reportedly be her second nose job and the third time she’s had breast work done.

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