You can now watch Ray J try to pull crazy girls apart on Bad Girl All Star Battle every Tuesday at 8pm ET/PT on Oxygen, so here at we just had to chat with him about the show and of course, his crazy controversial song, "I Hit It First." He told us how he felt about the controversy and what music we can expect next… oh, and he made us blush pretty strongly. See if you can guess which part!

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OK!: You're working on a full-length album, right?

Ray J: Yeah, I’m working. I’m doing songs. I’m just creating a story—it’s not really an album, it’s just every song I’m going to put out this year is going to be something that people can understand. Even "I Hit It First," you understand that.  Some people will hate it, but what they do is understand it.

OK!: Were you surprised by the reaction to the song?

RJ: I was surprised that it came in number 3 on the charts. I was surprised that everybody from CNN to the WWF to the late-night shows, everybody has something to say about the song. It really made me laugh.

OK!: You didn’t think people were going to freak out?

RJ: If they did, it made me laugh even more because it’s entertainment. It’s a song, and it’s if people go that far into it, then that’s on them. To go that hard on this song, I hope they bought it on iTunes. I hope they have their own personal copy because it’s just too much.

OK!: When can we expect the next song?

RJ: Now that this show [Bad Girls All Star Battle] is on and everybody’s watching I’m looking at another three weeks before we impact hard again. It’s gonna be a very entertaining summer. I can definitely say that.

OK!: What kind of story are you trying to tell?

RJ: It’s kind of my life, and things I’ve seen or experienced, or what I’ve been through with other people. It’s just me telling a story of 2013, where life is today and besides the crazy, wild, controversial song like "I Hit It First," I’m definitely going to put out a song with substance to it that I feel can connect with people in a positive way as well. So this is just the appetizer and the entrée is on the way!

OK!: Who was your celebrity crush when you were a teenager?

RJ: Janet Jackson. I was in love with her. In my mind, I really thought that we were going to be together. I swear. I never got to approach her and now it is what it is. She’s with somebody else and it’s for the best. She’s cool, we’ve spoken and I met her a few times, but not when I was ready to be with her. Ah, bummer. So heartbreaking. I’m joking, I’m joking.

OK!: Who is the most embarrassing artist in your iTunes?

RJ: I don't know the dude who did the Pee-wee Herman song, but I got that in my iTunes. When I'm on the treadmill, I kind of give it a little [sings the "Tequila" song], "dun dun dunna dun dun dun dun, dun dun dunna dun dun dun."

OK!: What is something you wish you could eat every day?

RJ: I don't know if it's appropriate to say. [laughs]

OK!: As I was saying that, I thought it could go in that direction.

RJ: You knew it was going in that direction! Straight down. Hello!

How did you feel about the song "I Hit It First?" Do you think Ray J enjoys being controversial? What do you think his next song will be about? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.



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