"Every facet of my life is completely different," admits Carrie Underwood, who rocketed to stardom after being crowned the champ of American Idol‘s fourth season. "My day-to-day activities are certainly different. Before when I was on stage, it’d be in front of 15 to 20 people and now some places are over 15,000!"

And of course with celebrity comes endorsements — which is how OK! ended up spending the afternoon on the Mesquite, Texas, set of Carrie’s upcoming commercials for VitaminWater.

"It was just kind of a natural thing," the award-winning singer tells OK! about how she got involved with the beverage company, which also features celebs like Jen Aniston, 50 Cent and NFL star Tom Brady in their ads. "I like doing things that I actually incorporate into my life."

The Grammy-winner does admit that she loves being on stage every night — "That’s my reward," she explains. And with all the touring that Carrie’s doing these days — she just finished a string of shows with Keith Urban and is booked almost solid with shows into August — it’s a good thing that she counts VitaminWater Energy as her favorite.

"It keeps you hydrated, which is really important because you can really get exhausted," she explains. "Before you know it, you can get on stage and realize something bad can happen. It’s so hot in those arenas, and the last thing you want is to pass out on stage."


Luckily, the singer, who is hoping to take home yet another Top Female Vocalist trophy at next Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, will take a short break to enjoy the 4th of July with her family. That’s when she’ll be able to catch up on all the hometown gossip, thanks to her most reliable source: mom.

"She is the queen of all gossip!" Carrie explains about her mother Carole. "I know everything that is going on in everybody’s life. Even if I don’t talk to people all the time, I know what is going on."

Carrie might love hearing all the dirt on other folks’ lives, but she draws the line at sharing her secrets with the world. "I’m a very private person," she explains. "As far as

making my personal life public, it’s something I try not to do."

Look for Carrie’s VitaminWater spots when they begin airing in June.

By Alisandra Puliti

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