Ever since Ashton Kutcher started dating Mila Kunis for real, we feel like we haven't seen much of him. His relationship was Demi Moore felt way more public, didn't it? And now that Two and A Half Men has ended for the season, we don't get to see Ashton on-screen much these days, either.

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So that's why we are loving this paparazzi pic of Ashton—snapped near one of his many homes in London—wearing a cowboy hat. It's a rare occasion to see him out and about, but it's pretty often that when paparazzi does snap his pics, he looks hot. The cowboy hat is a great look.

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Ashton is also gearing up for his film, Jobs, where he plays Apple founder Steve Jobs. The biopic was supposed to be released in April but got pushed back, so clearly we are keeping our ears peeled to hear all the details on the film's new release date.

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