Edward Cullen, you may have some competition. There is a guy that may steal your dream man spotlight. We're used to Stephanie Meyer movies casting gorgeous guys. Need we mention Edward and Jacob? But this was still a pleasant piece of eye-candy this morning.

Whew! Hello, Max! The Host's Max Irons is a perfect predecessor to the hunky Robert Pattinson who starred in The Twilight Saga. It's hard to imagine life without a new Twilight movie coming out every year, but The Host will help ease the hottie withdraw the world is facing. Max is totally allowed to come to the rescue. 

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 Good Morning America had the pleasure of hosting Max on today's show. Max, who plays Jared in the movie, showed up wearing his hair in a bedhead-ish fashion that was totally similar to Edward's signature style. 

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But we shouldn't compare. Max is sure to bring his own charm to the camera. With those good looks and suave attitude, how can he not? 

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