Ryan Lochte's been on a whirlwind press tour in NYC for the past few days, and you didn't think we were just going to let him fly under the radar, did ya? We're suprised we didn't make him Hottie of the Day sooner, but today Ryan gets the Hottie crown because um, have you seen him on the red carpet at last night's E! upfront?!

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Ryan's also been doing press to promote What Would Ryan Lochte Do? at The Today Show, The Late Show, the NBC Universal store and more, so we think this dude deserves some love from OKMagazine.com.

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And speaking of the E! upfront, we interviewed Ryan there (we almost fainted but made it through unscathed—here's an Instagram pic for proof!), so stay tuned for video coming soon on OKMagazine.com!

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