While artists and reality stars alike were in Brooklyn at the MTV Video Music Awards, comedians and legit actors were in Culver City, California to roast their friend, James Franco. A roast, of course, means a bunch of celebrities get together to make fun of another celebrity, but in our opinion, there is nothing to make fun of James for. He is basically a perfect specimen and this pic of him in a suit at the roast further proves that point:

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Stars like Aziz Ansari, Busy Phillips, Matthew Morrison and others joined the cause last night to support slash make of their friend, and we’ll be able to watch the whole thing go down when the special airs on Comedy Central on September 2. Until then, we’ll just predict what they made fun of James about….wait, come to think of it, the only thing there is to tease him for is that time he co-hosted the Oscars and maybe that time he starred on General Hospital. Yup. Literally out of ideas now.

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