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OK!: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Mayte Garcia: No, I don’t. Love needs to be grown. I’m sorry. I believe that love takes work and getting to know the person. It’s more like an attraction between energies, which people think is love.


OK!: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of dating?

MG: At my age, it depends because people are getting married and divorced, then you have to deal with children, or somebody who hasn’t had children and there’s something wrong with them. I think finding the appropriate age and having the commonality is the hardest for me.

OK!: Someone tweeted in, ‘I’m in a relationship with no communication. What do I do?’

MG: You communicate that there’s no communication! If he doesn’t want to open up, you say I’m sorry but I can’t be in a relationship like this. And you have to leave. Don’t hang on! I think in relationships, it’s so tragic to break up but you learn from it. Then you’re like, Wow, that relationship really sucked but I didn’t communicate. So in the next one you know. It helps!

OK!: My ex sent me a friend request on Facebook. Should I accept? I’m now married.

MG: Depending on how the relationship ended. I try to be friends with my exes, like I’m friends with Tommy Lee. I would speak to my husband about it before accepting and see how he feels. If the husband feels weird, then out of respect for him don’t accept it.

OK!: My boyfriend just unfriended me because one of his posts made me upset. Should I be concerned he’s cheating?

MG: That’s disrespectful. She shouldn’t worry about cheating! I would leave him. I don’t play around with stuff like that. That’s a red flag right there! That’s weird, and immature.


OK!: Would you date someone younger than you, if he’s as mature and ready to build a family?

MG: I have dated younger that have been mature, and it’s like—have a good time, but if you want a family it depends on how drastic the age difference is. If you’re 40 and he’s 23, don’t. Don’t even go there. There’s exceptions to every rule, but they’re not ready to start a family and I am.

OK!: What do you say to someone who doesn’t believe in love anymore?

MG: It breaks my heart. Love does exist. You will find someone who believes in love. Don’t get jaded and waste ten years of your life thinking you’re never going to find anyone, because that’s what I did. I just recently realized love does exist and you will find it. Of course, cry and hang out with your girlfriends, do what you have to do to get over the pain. Keep your heart open to find someone, and you will.

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