Kris Jenner deserves a big thank you from me. The fabulous momager’s Insta. photo roll call introduced me to me new fave celeb account. Get ready for it—I’m about ready to rave over Rocco DiSpirito‘s Instagram snapshot collection. It is #genius. This culinary hottie is a newbie to the crew, and I would highly suggest adding him as a +1 to your star-studded list.

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So why do I send my thanks to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star? She recently uploaded a selfie pic with Rocco, who appeared on her newly released talk show, Kris. 

Rocco’s account is quality stuff, and I’m about to tell you why.

Foodie Faves

I mean, this one is obvious. Why wouldn’t a master chef upload pics of tasty treats? Your stomach might start growling after you check out some of his dishes, but the delicious visual it’s well worth the hunger pains. Let this guy help you plan out your dinner menus.


Rocco’s Celeb Friends

Guys, he is obviously friends with the Kardashians. Jealous, much? Rocco even sported a pair of Rob’s amazing Arthur George socks.


Superb Selfies

Every Insta. account needs at least one selfie. It’s like, the rules of social networking, right? Rocco has a few of these gems posted. My personal fave is his enthusiastic pic with Kris.


Oh, and Rocco hangs out with Barbara Walters, which is totally amazing. No further explanation needed.


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