When you look at Bryan Greenberg, your thought process probably goes something: man, what a sweet dude. He seems trustworthy, smart, funny, talented, hot. Is he single? Why isn’t he on TV all the time?


He’s been in a few movies over the years, but his more regular appearances in your life and on TV have been on How to Make It in America, and of course, One Tree Hill. Most of us first noticed Bryan via One Tree Hill, so let’s take a moment to appreciate his role on that show.

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He played Jake Jagielski, one of the few people in season one of the show that managed to both play basketball and have a soul (everyone else spent each episode terrorizing Chad Michael Murray). The source of that softer side was eventually revealed: he had a baby! A single dad/teen dad? What could be more desirable?! Peyton fell for him and they spent three seasons dealing with custody drama, a deranged ex, and yes, Chad Michael Murray. Get outta here, CMM.

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I didn’t know that fans of Jake and Peyton called them Jeyton, but I’m not mad about it. Watching their top 20 moments is a great way to spend your afternoon.

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