As another amazing year in pop culture comes to a close, we want to celebrate our very favorite moments! We bring you the OK! Awards. Nominations — and arguments — from our staff are below. We will be posting the nominations for a different category all week, and we want you to vote for your favorites. Winners* will be announced Tuesday, Jan. 1.

Category 8: Most Difficult TV Goodbye

1)  Gossip Girl

Nominated by: Lauren Metz, Writer and Kelli Acciardo, Deputy Editor

Lauren says: "Gossip Girl, we'll miss your fashion!"

2) Best Friends Forever

Nominated by: Lea Palmieri, Video Editor

Lea says: "I wanted to be best friends with that show for at least a few more seasons!"

3) Bent

Nominated by: Dee Clarke, West Coast Editor

Dee says: "This sitcom got canceled after just a few episodes, and I was so disappointed. I loved the writing, and the chemistry between David Walton and Amanda Peet was awesome."

4) The Killing

Nominated by: Heather Newgen, West Coast Editor

Heather says: "I was crushed when The Killing was canceled after only two seasons. I thought it was smart, clever and intriguing."

5) One Tree Hill

Nominated by: Lauren Brown, Site Director

Lauren says: "I was one of the last to watch One Tree Hill from beginning to the bitter end — I still miss that gang!"

6) 666 Park Avenue

Nominated by: Laura Sassano, Writer

Laura says: "I loved this show, and I was fully invested in the characters. I'm still holding out hope that somehow it can come back, it didn't get a fair chance!"

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