Sabrina the Teenage Witch was the ultimate teenage dream world. It was that world of never-gonna-happen, make-believe daydreaming that you wished you could enter when life was full of way too many embarrassing moments. 

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The girl with the awesome aunts had life made. With a point of her finger, she could shut-up the mean girl in school and conjure up (literally) an excuse for why she wasn't doing her science project. Can we also just talk about the fact that Sabrina, played by Melissa Joan Hart, had a talking cat? Imagine walking into your kitchen after a long day at work and asking your cat why he tried to take over the world—and him answering!

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I have to say that I never understood why she didn't more frequently use her powers for shopping purposes. That was a mistake, Sabrina. She could have had like 300 pairs of shoes. 

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One of the major reasons I watched this show was to see Sabrina and Harvey interact in their flirty BFF fashion. Alright, I totally just liked watching him. He was a cutie to the max.

Harvey Kinkle was (I wasn't too keen on the name) the good-looking high school athlete that didn't know he was absolutely adorable, nor did he care that the rich, popular girl in school had a thing for him too. He liked the witch. He wasn't an especially good athlete, which I thought was humbling and more of a reason why he deserved Sabrina's heart. 

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Harvey saved Sabrina's life more times than I can count and never became arrogant or self-concerned. This is mostly because she always had him under a spell, and he didn't have a chance for his ego to grow uncontrollably. The specifics are really unimportant in the case of Harvey Kinkle. His sensitivity won me over when he was too busy taking care of his pregnant mom to hang out with Sabrina. 

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Thankfully, he ended the series as the knight in shining armor (I think he actually played one in an episode) by picking Sabrina up at the alter. 

Let's hear it for the always-handsome and humorous, Harvey. 

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