There were some really terrible reality TV shows on around 2000-2003. People like to decry shows like Teen Mom and Keeping Up with the Kardashians as trashy, but they must forget that at the turn of the millennium, we were watching ugly people get 10 kinds of plastic surgery at once on The Swan, or encouraging them to cheat on their significant others on Temptation Island.

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Do you remember Are You Hot? Attractive people would come out on stage, stand there, and three hot judges would verbally judge them and give them scores for things like their faces and sex appeal. Never mind that the concept is barbaric and sad—it's kind of boring, no?

So believe it or not—I suppose it's not that hard to believe—Kim Zolciak appeared on the show, long before her Real Housewives of Atlanta days. The clip is no longer available, but these pics show her on the show circa 2003.

Look at all that hair! Do you think she was already rocking a wig at this point? She looks so young and sweet! And her body was ridiculous.

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