What are your favorite A-Listers up to next? From Robert Pattinson’s racy sex scenes to Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz’s raunchy grind-fest, OK! has the inside scoop on what projects the top Hollywood stars have in the works. We’ve also got industry insider Carson Reeves from ScriptShadow to give us his take on whether the script is a hit or a miss. But shh — the movies aren’t even done filming yet!

STARS: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas
MOVIE: Bel Ami
THE GIST: R-Pattz plays Parisian journalist and ladies man Georges Duroy who goes from struggling to make it by, to strategically becoming one of Paris’s most prominent men, married to a high society woman. His world becomes chaotic in a stream of adultery, love affairs and business scandal.
WATCH FOR: The film opens with Rob having sex with a prostitute up against the door of his room. Rob is in more than half a dozen racy sex scenes with four different women including Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas.
EXPERT SAYS: “If Twilight was your Robert Pattinson appetizer, Bel Ami is the main course, desert, and tomorrow’s lunch. There’s enough Robert Pattinson sex in this movie to launch a Robert Pattinson Jr. empire. I can’t hang with more than a few seconds of R-Pattz nakedness though, so you won’t catch me in the theater.”


STARS: Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
MOVIE: Bad Teacher
THE GIST: Cameron plays Elizabeth, a gold-digging stoner and apathetic middle school teacher, who spends most of the class time showing movies to avoid teaching. She becomes infatuated with Justin’s character, a hot substitute teacher named Scott, but he happens to be dating her co-worker, Amy, played by Lucy Punch.
WATCH FOR: In one sexy scene towards the end of the film, Justin’s character cheats on his girlfriend with Cameron’s character while they’re away on a trip after inviting her up to his hotel room. In the scene – although fully clothed – Cameron’s character “dry humps” Justin and they talk dirty until he is uh, satisfied.
EXPERT SAYS: “Great script! And a perfect vehicle to reverse Diaz’s uninspired recent choices. For someone who’s based her career off being likable, it will be fun to see Diaz release her inner bitch.”

STARS: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp
MOVIE: The Tourist
THE GIST: Johnny plays Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy who is seduced by Jolie’s character, Elise, played by Angie. Little does he know Elise has purposefully picked him out as bait so she can find her true lover.
WATCH FOR: Flirty scenes on the train between two of the hottest people on the planet – Johnny and Angelina. It will also be fun to watch and imagine if Johnny’s character was played by Tom Cruise – because Tom originally had the role. When he left the project Sam Worthington snatched it up. And when he left, Johnny came on board.
EXPERT SAYS: “This entire script is based on a big surprise, which I will not ruin. Those who are surprised by the surprise will love it. Those who see it coming a mile away (like myself) will not.”


STARS: Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan
MOVIE: Source Code
THE GIST: Colter, a soldier, finds himself suddenly in the body of a commuter on a morning train, when a huge bomb explodes. He then finds out he was placed on a mission to find the bomber and the story soon unravels from there…
WATCH FOR: Colter going back in time to the moment the bomb explodes in order to figure out who is responsible. As he returns to the scene time after time, he begins to notice that he has eerie visions of Christina, the girl he was sitting next to on the train from the very beginning.
EXPERT SAYS:Source Code may be the best sci-fi script written in a long time. If you like your Jake G. running around sweaty and bothered for 90 minutes, you’re going to love this.”

STARS: Brad Pitt
MOVIE: Moneyball
THE GIST: Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s. Billy, very determined to put together a winning baseball team with a low payroll, faces many set-backs along the way that make and break his career, both as a player earlier on and a manager.
WATCH FOR: A monumental scene where Billy receives an amazing offer to move to Boston and be with the Red Sox. Billy struggles with whether he could ever let himself live in another state from his daughter or if he should take this opportunity.
EXPERT SAYS:Moneyball is a complicated script about a man who dedicates his life to an organization at the expense of any personal joy. It’s well done, but don’t walk in expecting Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”


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