Only three days left until the release of New Moon! Yesterday OK! gave you tips on How to Dress like a Twi-Hard. Today OK! has you covered with our Twilight Gift Guide for all the ‘Twilightaholics’ out there! You may need something to keep yourself busy until Friday and shopping around for Twilight goodies is a good way to give in to your vamp addiction!From Twilight threads to trimmings, OK! has a comprehensive list of Twilight-y things fit for the most fanatical fans!

Twilight Gear Head to Toe

Nordstrom Luna Twilight Cosmetic Collection

Twilight Makeup — Sure wearing red-lipstick is a nice touch to be more Bella-like — or for that matter, Edward — but Nordstrom sells a line of Twilight beauty products that can give you an all-over vampire glow…or sparkle! The Luna Twilight Body Glow is just what you need!

Twilight Tees — The great thing about The Twilight Saga: New Moon Apparel at Nordstrom is that they’re not your typical Twilight tees. Sure, wearing Edward’s face on your shirt is nice for others to appreciate, but if you’re looking for a more subtle and stylish way to show your Twilight support then Nordstrom has your perfect tees!

• Bella’s Birthday Dress — Now this is a great gift for any Bella out there! Hot Topic sells the green dress Bella wears at her birthday party with the Cullens in New Moon. If you’re having a special night out before the premiere this is the perfect way to go! Maybe you’ll meet your very own Edward in it!

Edward Undies — Okay, these aren’t actually for sale but they had to make the gift list just because they’re so… unique! If you really want to give a good gag-gift to a R-Pattz obsessed friend you could try and make some Edward undies of your own!

Twilight Jewelry — There are lots Twilight costume jewelry out there, but if you want something that will last as long as your love for R-Pattz then you may want to check out The Twilight Saga: New Moon Jewelry at Nordstrom.

Twilight Bags — You can find a lot of tote bags out there with the Twilight poster shots on them, but Hot Topic sells Twilight purses that are hobo style and is even reversible!

Twilight Toys

Twilight Board Game Nov. 17

• Puzzles — Puzzles are a great way to pass time before you leave for theaters to see New Moon and You’ll be extremely motivated to finish the puzzle you can see Rob’sface!

Action Figures/Barbies — You could use them to act out your favorite scene from the films or have Edward sit on your shelf and watch you while you sleep! Available at

Twilight Scene It and Twilight Scene It for sells this great game to play during your next Twilight party! Sure you know the movie well enough by now, but do you know it better than all of your friends?

Twilight: The Game — For the serious Twilight fans who don’t need the video image to help, sells Twilight: The Game.

• Cross-Stitch — This gift is almost up there with the Edward undies! UK Paper The Guardian offers a free downloadable cross-stitch pattern of Robert Pattinson‘s face.


Twilight Texts

Unofficial Twilight Cookbook Nov. 17

Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight sells a great book to use if you’re planning a Twilight party and need specific vampire recipes!

The Twilight Saga Collection — Good gift for the holidays for any of your friends who haven’t been convinced to read the series yet or if you’ve worn out your copies this would make a good set to keep safe! Available at

Twilight: The Score Easy Piano Solo — So for the very talented musicians out there you may have figured out the melodies on your own. If not, you’ll need this piano music from to play like Edward!

Illustrated Movie sells a movie guide so you can stare at your favorite scenes without having to constantly hit the pause button!

Director’s Notebook — If you want the inside guide on the directing of Twilight then this book at will answer all your questions.

Twilight Journals — Great way to write and rewrite all those love letters to Rob! Available at


Twilight Trimmings

Edward Cullen Life-Size Standup Poster Nov. 17 sells a Twilight: New Moon Wall Calendar so you can start a  new countdown for Eclipse and keep track of the cast!

Twilight Cut-Outs — Perhaps the greatest gift of all is the life-size cardboard cut out of Edward available at You can use him to pose for pictures with friends are leave him in the corner of your room to watch you while you sleep!

Bedding — There are lots of Twilight blankets and pillows with the casts faces on them, but sells the comforter set that Bella sleeps has in Twilight!

Twilight Sweethearts — A sweet tasty treat for Twilight lovers to enjoy with your popcorn while you watch Twilight over and over again. Available at

• Water Bottle — Show your loyalty for Team Edward or Team Jacob by carrying one of these water bottles at or!

• DVDs/Soundtracks — The most obvious Twilight gifts are the movie and soundtracks. If you haven’t gotten them yet, it’s about time! Find them at

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