Before actually trying them on, I thought vertical stripes were only symbolic of a ref's outfit. I never want to feel like I'm at a football game or a college Halloween party. Seriously, Nellie just wore a ref's shirt on The Office and it was hard for me to get my mind off of the sporty thought. Oddly enough, I'd pick horizontal stripes over any colored vertical stripes, even though I knew that horizontal stripes can be tricky to pull off.

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Because I gave myself the fashion goal of being more daring (despite my natural reservation) this year, I knew I needed to give this trend a shot, some way, some how. Miley Cyrus is definitely edgy enough to rock 'em. The girl wore a Mickey Mouse sweater this year, so there's not much this ex-Disney princess can't do. Need a confession? She's been inspiring my wardrobe all year. 

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If you walk into any Urban Outfitters or Forever 21, you'll see this trend—thick or thin—poppin' up everywhere. Nicole Richie wore a thick version of the stripes in Paris back in March. Blue Blood's Sami Gayle wore them, too. After some thorough convincing, I decided to slip on a pair of vertical striped skinnies only to find that they were actually super flattering and Megan Draper mod. And, hello! There's nothing wrong with dressing to please Don Draper. But don't get me wrong—it took me a while to figure out how to style the trend the right way. My suggestion? Keep it simple on top if you're going to a bold look on the bottom. 

It's a look that doesn't require a dutiful amount of accessories, and like Miley and Nicole both proved, it goes pretty darn well with a pop of red. See Nic's nails? 

Here are some of the trendy picks I'm OK! Loving.

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