The Gabby Douglas Story

Feeling the post-Winter Olympics blues? Indulge your need for gold with The Gabby Douglas Story, the Lifetime movie that is out on DVD this Tuesday, April 15. Champion gymnast Gabby Douglas, who wowed the world at the 2012 summer games, talked to about the movie and her life after the Olympics. Until the next ones, that is!

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OK!: What was it like to watch your own story on TV?

Gabby Douglas: It was a little bit weird, but it was so exciting. Just watching the spirit of me and my family’s story on TV—they don’t use stage names, they’re just telling our story. It’s s a little weird! At the same time, it’s an amazing feeling.

OK!: Was anything changed at all for the story?

GD: A little bit was kind of tweaked, but they had to do that to catch the viewers’ eyes. It wasn’t really, completely off.

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OK!: How involved were you in the process? Did you help with the casting or anything like that?

GD: Yeah, my mom and I were involved. They would send us videos and pictures, asking what do you think of this person playing you? Or my mom, or my sister. I’d say, yeah, that’s a great person to portray us. We actually went down to the set during the last week of filming. I was giving my pointers, like a miniature director, giving my tips. ‘This is how this move is executed.’ I gave my input.


OK!: How has life been since 2012? Catch us up.

GD: Life has just been great. I do a lot of cool, amazing opportunities and appearances. Right now, just to update you guys, I’m back in training and hope to compete this year. 2016 is an angle.

OK!: How much of your time is dedicated to working out? What does a schedule look like in between Olympics?

GD: For me, because every gymnast is a little bit different, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go for four hours. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I do six hours. I get Sundays off.

OK!: Wow, that’s a lot of work! You’ve had books, and this movie. How do you fit it all in?

GD: I take it one step at a time. When I’m training, I focus on training. When I’m outside doing an appearance, I focus on what I need to do for that appearance. A lot of people think, How do you have time, but a lot of times I’ll have some days off. I’m home-schooled, so I fit my school in there and take it on the go if I need to.

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OK!: Did you watch the Winter Olympics? What was your favorite event?

GD: I did! Ice-skating.

OK!: How did you feel about the results? They were controversial.

GD: Oh man. I really was happy for them. They made it to the Olympics, and that’s an amazing feeling. I was rooting for Gracie [Gold], and Jason Brown did an amazing job. And I was rooting for Jeremy [Abbott], too!

OK!: I met you once before, in 2012, and you said your biggest goal was to meet Beyonce. Has that happened since then?

GD: It has! I met her at the all-star game. She is so sweet. She is such a doll. She’s so genuine, and down to earth. I was on my way to meet her, and she was about to leave, and people were asking, Gabby, can I get your picture? And I was like, Uhhhh! Okay! I didn’t want her to leave! I kept getting stopped. I was nice to them! I was not rude at all, just a little anxious. There were bodyguards around her, but they were like, ‘Hey Gabby.’ And I was like, ‘Hey! Can I move in?’ And Beyonce pulled me in, ‘Gabby!’ She said, ‘Congratulations, you are such an inspiration!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, thanks, B.’

The Gabby Douglas Story

OK!: So you kept your composure? I don’t think I’d be able to.

GD: Gosh, yes. I was like, keep it cool. Keep it cool. I can baby-sit Blue Ivy if you want me to!

OK!: What did you think of the new album?

GD: I thought the album was great. A lot of it was really upbeat. It’s good to listen to, if you want to. And no, right now, I’m listening to Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber, something like that.

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