As if there was any doubt as to whether Oprah Winfrey is powerful, The Hollywood Reporter has made it official by giving her the top spot on their Power 100 List of the most influential women in American entertainment.


Oprah’s company Harpo, Inc. made $345 million just last year, and a study by Unvirsity of Maryland economists found that her endorsement of Barack Obama netted him 1 million votes. The daytime diva also has made her mark with a O magazine and an online stor, giving her a definite edge over her competitors and boosting her up from the #6 spot she occupied in last year’s list.


Angelina Jolie also makese an appearance on the list at #24, for her wide-ranging humanitarian efforts, Tina Fey at #51 for her Sarah Palin iimpressions, and Miley Cyrus at #100 for, well, being Miley Cyrus.

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