There’s no better week for me to fill in writing the Princesses: Long Island recap because there were some one-liner doozies, including an ah-mazing quote from my fellow South Shore girl Joey  (you make me proud!). Let’s see what the ladies had to say, shall we?

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“The ring is gorgeous and everybody needs a sugar daddy. Somebody should just tell Ashlee it shouldn’t be your own daddy.” – Joey, discussing the blinding diamond ring Ashlee received from her parents for her 30th birthday.

“Sneakers make me vomit.” – Ashlee as she leaves for Jewish singles camp with the girls. Um, Jewish Singles Camp? Bravo, I smell your next spin-off. Make Patti Stanger the camp director and Ashlee the activities counselor—this would be ratings gold. Thank me later.

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“After seeing my ex I couldn’t think of a better time to go away with the girls. I’m not really a camp girl but maybe I need to hike and pull twigs out of my ass to get back into reality.” – Chanel on becoming one with nature at Jewish singles camp

 “I think boys open up to me because I’m a good conversationalist.” – Erica, as she gets waaaayyyy too friendly with some random guys at a club, not long after she promised her boyfriend Rob profusely she’d never cheat. And, by the way, that’s not why boys open up to you, lady.

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“Taylor is my younger sister. She’s a little quiet because I get all the attention but as soon as she opens her mouth she drops bombs so you better run.” – Amanda as she and mom Babs get ready to par-tay Long Island style sans little sis Taylor. Why is this the first we’re seeing of Taylor? She’s freakin’ awesome!

“I’m more interested in drinking and having fun with myself.” – Casey in response to Ashlee’s begging to get her on the dance floor of the semi-sketch West Milford, Conn. bar the girls end up at when singles camp is closed due to severe weather. This statement is incredible on so many levels, the main one being I can hear myself saying it.

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