Project Runway starts back up tonight! It’s the whopping twelfth season for the reality competition, and so there’s no better time to warmly reminisce about our favorite competitors from seasons past. Not a month goes by that I don’t wonder how, say, Daniel Vosovic is doing and how can become friends.

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Santino Rice is kind of the go-to Proj Run cast member that you can never forget. He had a unique look (like a skinnier Jim Morrison, rock star type thing), and was, of course, an instant meme due to his impersonation of Tim Gunn. He made himself and Tim Gunn more famous because of this impression!

Daniel Vosovic was the same season on Santino, but he was less of a Character and more of someone who you want to be your bestie. There are not nearly enough clips of Daniel on YouTube but here’s an adorable snippet of him wearing a ponytail.

Like, say, Vicki Gunvalson on Real Housewives of Orange County, Wendy Pepper is the OG lady of Project Runway. Lots of people made her the villainness of her season.

Christian Siriano is by far the most famous contestant on the show. How could you not root for a 21-year-old with parrot hair who brought “fierce” into the lexicon for years to come?

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Kenley Collins was the retro chick who refused to design anything other than cute, retro dresses (it’s still working for her—she’s designing for Ariana Grande now!). She was Zooey Deschanel before Zooey was a thing.

If you’re like me and you stopped watching PR sometime in college, you may have missed the most amazing contestant, Mondo Guerra! Not only was he super talented (he won the first all-star season in 2012), but in one memorable challenge, he opened up about his biggest secret: that he’s been HIV positive for ten years. Many tears ensued:

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