At Friday’s press conference to promote New Moon, the Twilight Saga‘s leading hunk Robert Pattinson talked about the many ways in which he and his vampire alter-ego, Edward Cullen, are alike. R-Pattz also explained why the sight of a buffed-up Taylor Lautner had him heading to the gym.

On Bella and Edward’s Breakup Scene:
“There’s something weird about it. One of the main things I felt doing that and what really helped was people’s anticipation of the movie, and the fans of the series’ idea about what Bella and Edward’s relationship is and what it represents to them. It’s some kind of ideal for a relationship. And so, just playing a scene where you’re breaking up the ideal relationship, I felt a lot of the weight behind that. Also, it took away a fear of melodrama. It felt seismic, even when we were doing it. It was very much like the stepping out into the sunlight scene, at the end. You could really feel the audience watching, as you’re doing it. It was a strange one to do.”


On the Scene Where Edward Exposes Himself to the Sun in Italy:
“I just came to a realization about that scene. It was one of the closest moments I really felt to people’s emotional attachment to the character because there were so many extras there who were just Twilight fans, who had flown in to be in the town square. Just taking that one step into the light, it’s been the one moment, since the first ComiCon, where I’ve felt the whole weight of anticipation and responsibility to all the people who are so obsessed with the stories. It was a good moment. It was very nerve-wracking, but I probably felt the most in character that I’ve ever felt, throughout the whole series, at that moment.”

On Character Traits He Shares with Edward:
“I guess stubbornness, in some ways, about some things. He’s pretty self-righteous. I get quite obsessive about things, and possessive as well… I have very, very specific ideas about how I want to do my work and how I want to be perceived, to the point of ridiculousness, sometimes. I don’t listen to anyone else. That’s why I don’t have a publicist or anything. I can’t stand it, if someone is trying to tell me to do something, which is maybe a mistake sometimes. I like being meticulous, and it’s quite difficult, as an actor, to have that much control. The good thing about the Twilight series is that it does give you a lot more control over tiddly little things, which I want to have. I’m a control freak about it.”

On Where He Sees His Career in Five Years:
“I don’t know. I’ve only done one movie outside of the series, which was Remember Me. That’s going to be out sometime next year. But even that I did with the same studio. I’m still a little bit blind, as to what my actual economic viability is, outside of the series, but it’s definitely different. You get offered stuff that you never would have dreamed of getting offered before, but that’s scary as well ’cause you don’t have to audition for anything. You’re just like, ‘I don’t want to do a movie just ’cause it gets made.’

“It’s a scary situation to be in, in a lot of ways. You have to question yourself a lot more. Before Twilight, I did any movie that I got and tried to make the best of it afterward. Now, you’re expected to come into the movie and provide not only economic viability, but a performance as well. People are like, ‘You can’t just mess around. We’re employing you to be a star and an actor.’ It’s difficult and it’s scary.”


On Life Amidst the Twilight Mania:
“It is just a blur. There are random moments which stand out, but I’ve been working so much this year that it’s almost like living in an alternate reality. The hours on a film set are so long that you’re doing doctor hours, and every doctor that I’ve ever spoken to says the same thing, that you have no idea what’s going on, other than working. You’re away from your family and friends, and all that stuff.”

On Why the Twilight Movies Aren’t Just for Women:
“It’s weird. I keep getting told by people, ‘Pump up all the stuff about the action, so the guys will go and see it,’ but it’s ridiculous. It’s like saying that guys can’t appreciate romance. I don’t think you can say that about Gone with the Wind. I’ve watched Titanic and I didn’t think, ‘Oh, this is a girl’s film.’

“Especially in New Moon, and actually in the whole series, I’ve never played it thinking, ‘Oh, I’m in a series of girls’ films and I’m doing something just for girls.’ I don’t feel like I’m doing an animated Tiger Beat, every week. I like doing romantic scenes. I felt like a lot of the storyline in New Moon is very heartbreaking and true. I didn’t think I was doing something just for the sake of romance. I thought, in a lot of ways, that it was a really sad story.”

On His Earliest Heartbreak:
“I put a flower in someone’s locker when I was 15 years old. This girl, called Maria. Maybe I was 14. She actually thought it was from someone else, and the other guy claimed it as well, which was just great.”

On Taylor Lautner’s Improved Physique in New Moon:
I didn’t see Taylor until just a little bit before we started shooting, so when he came back, I had the same reaction as everybody else. I was like, ‘Now I have to go to the gym.'”

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