Robert Pattinson was lucky to escape from shooting Remember Me in New York this summer without his limbs being torn off by mobs of adoring fans.

But if he thought life was going to get any easier once he had retreated to Vancouver to shoot Eclipse, he was in for a disappointment according to another actor in the movie.

Fellow Brit actor Jack Huston, who acts opposite Nikki Reed in the next installment of the Twilight saga, says that Pattinson remains virtually imprisoned in his hotel to keep him safe from fans and paparazzi.

“I don’t think he gets to hang out with many people because he’s sort of jailed to his room,” Jack, who is currently dating UK TV personality Cat Deely, said at a recent G Star Raw fashion show in NYC.

“He can’t leave without being follow by a hundred people,” says Jack. “There’s a price to fame. But hopefully he’s handling it okay.”

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