For the cover of the new issue of OK! — on sale everywhere Thursday — one-woman media conglomerate Rachael Ray sat down to chat about everything from her Christmas plans to what she enjoys eating at this festive time of year. And in talking with the delightful diva of delectible dishes, it became clear that the holidays are no time to be watching one’s waistline.

"Oh, I don’t care about any of that crap," Rachael tells OK!. "I try to eat well so I can afford not to worry about any of it, but I don’t care about my size. I have clothes in four different sizes in my closet!"

Of course, the 39-year-old cutie says she learned to eat a "balanced Mediterranean diet" in her family, which helps keep them all healthy. "It’s largely olive oil, vegetables and meats. We’ve never been much into sweets in my family, so I don’t think the holidays are too bad for our arteries."

For the complete interview with Rachael, pick up the new issue of OK! on Thursday — and stay tuned to for more stories and recipes from Rachael.

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