Earlier this week, Farrah Abraham somehow got a hold of Charlie Sheen's phone number and started texting him. She at first asked nicely if he would consider her for a role on his show, Anger Management, but then things got weird when she suggested that they get together for a playdate or a coffee date. We can't make this stuff up. Check out the full text convo on TMZ (and note Farrah's terrible use of 'your' instead of 'you're.')

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But the latest in this situation? That date, thankfully for the world, is not happening. Charlie sent Farrah this vicious rejection letter, telling her why he does not want to hang out with her and also how angry he is that she sent in their  private texts to TMZ. We don't blame the guy. Here's what he said:

"I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on the recent attempt at porn. your daughter must be so proud. please send my number to middle earth and if allowed, eagerly follow it into said abyss and slam the door behind you. the world will collectively sigh as the pungent memory of you vanishes into the pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life."

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Well, that about sums it up. Maybe Farrah will learn her lesson and stop leaking private things to the press? JK, she leaked her own porno. She's basically not ever going to learn her lesson ever.

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