Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today:

[courtesy of Reddit]
Who’s your best friend?
  • Pure Awe: [r/pics]
  • Wow. Watch this sinkhole swallow huge trees in minutes: [r/videos]
  • Hey guys! [r/GIFS]
  • Is there anything better than a porcupine enjoying a plum? [r/aww]
  • It’s a coral reef in a jar! [r/pics]
  • What happens when you ask someone to knit you a hat: [r/pics]
  • How to eat Dunkaroos as an adult: [r/pics]
  • Wait for me! [r/aww]
  • Just some notes for the maintenance guy: [r/funny]
  • This momma’s got her hands full: [r/aww]

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