Here’s the best stuff from the front page of the internet today:

Just gettin' comfy!  [Courtesy of Reddit]
Just gettin’ comfy!
[Courtesy of Reddit]
  • Read George Orwell‘s letter on why he wrote “1984”: [r/books]
  • Watch an animated version of that Breaking Bad “Star Trek” scene: [r/videos]
  • The aftermath of lightning on a golf course: [r/pics]
  • Jerry Seinfeld talks Facebook in the 90’s.. on Seinfeld in the 90’s: [r/videos]
  • Leo Dicaprio is the highest grossing actor to have never made a sequel: [r/TIL]
  • Did you know? The price to enter a zoo in the 18th century was a dog or a cat — used to feed the lions: [r/TIL]
  • Today’s AMA: Grounded For Life star Donal Logue: [r/iAmA]
  • Best graduation present ever: [r/aww]
  • Put your finger on the screen & wiggle up and down… [r/videos]
  • Oh internet, you never disappoint: [r/funny]
  • Sometimes graffiti can be cute! [r/pics]
  • But wait.. this puppy GIF: [r/GIF]
  • Swimming in the rain! [r/pics]
  • Just your average double decker dorm room: [r/pics]
  • This dog had her first litter of kittens! uh.. what? [r/aww]
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