Don’t expect Alfonso Ribeiro, also known as Carlton from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, to feel sorry for today’s most rebellious stars like Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. Because he knows better.

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“I don’t have sympathy for anybody,” he tells me this week while promoting the Klondike Celebrity Challenge. “Making good choices is not that difficult. I don’t have sympathy for them because sometimes that’s the world that you create, and that’s the world that you want around you.”


He adds, “If you continue to allow yourself to make all your choices and think you’re greater than the rest, then whatever happens to you, happens to you. Unfortunately I believe that it’s too simple to not make bad choices, so when you make those bad choices, it’s your fault.”

Still, he does have words of wisdom about the Justin situation.

Recently the 19-year-old pop star’s antics have included getting caught underage drinking, allegedly spitting in people’s faces on multiple occasions, urinating in a mop bucket, swearing at a photo of Bill Clinton and spraying said photo with cleanser.

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“My advice wouldn’t be to Justin Bieber, it would be to Justin Bieber’s parents,” he says.Get involved. “We’ve got a young kid making decisions for himself when he doesn’t have perspective or the ability to make decisions.”

He continues, “Get involved with the kid. I think he’s out there on his own, and having people say ‘yes’ all the time. The unfortunate reality that I believe happens in show business is that you have too many people—celebrities might surround themselves with ‘yes’ people who continually say ‘yes—you’re the best, you’re this, you’re that. Everything’s great. Aw man, wouldn’t it be funny if you p***** in that bucket?’ It’s not funny; it’s not respectful, and they need someone to be there to help navigate this difficult and important time in his life.”   We hope you’re listening, Pattie!

Alfonso would know: He has worked steadily as an actor and director ever since he got his start on Silver Spoons in 1984 at age 12. Up next? He’s hosting the game show Spell–Mageddon, which premieres on ABC Family July 24 at 9 p.m. ET.

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So how did he keep it together?

“I find it funny that that question is asked,” he says. “I guess it becomes one of those things where so many kids mess up, so that becomes the common thought, whereas I’m always like ‘it’s not how I kept it together—it’s how those others screwed it up.’ Keeping it together is what’s common—it’s what it’s supposed to be. I just didn’t screw it up. [laughs] But keeping it together is part of what life is supposed to be.”

One other thing that helped?

‘My dad was a cop,” he says with a laugh. “If that doesn’t say it, what else will?”

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