Reality shows aren’t necessarily good for the waistline.

In fact, comedian Lisa Lampanelli saw her figure balloon after her stint on Celebrity Apprentice.

“I‘m just trying to lose the damn weight I gained on The Apprentice,” she tells me this week during Debbie Gibson's Gibson Girl Foundation Gala held at Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y “I figure it’s easier to watch what I’m eating than to go on Dancing With The Stars.”

She adds, “The Apprentice really adds a few pounds, plus just being on the show makes you stress eat, so I probably gained 15 lbs. on the show. I watched the beginning of the season through the end, and I go ‘oh my God, I was just getting fatter and fatter,’ so I figured let me just take it down a notch and do something. Hopefully, within a year or two, I’ll be normal-sized. That would be great.”


Nowadays, she’s 25 lbs. lighter, and a size-and-a-half smaller.

How did she do it?

“It’s a lot of struggle,” she says. “It’s really tiny meals – literally tiny – like tonight when we eat, it’s going to be hysterical. Every time I eat at a restaurant, people go ‘oh, is your food bad? What’s wrong with your food?’ and I’m like ‘no, I’ve just got to take it home.’ I just have to have more self-control. It’s ridiculous.”

One thing that helped is reducing her sugar intake.

“Here’s what happened: I had this two weeks where my silly a** trainer goes ‘just do a sugar detox’ because I’m addicted to sugar and I love it so much,” Lisa says. “She goes ‘take two weeks where all you do is drink clear liquid, and I promise you, the sugar cravings will go away.’”

She continues, “I said ‘yeah, right,’ but it actually worked, so I’m not really craving it anymore, but that was my whole thing. It’s like always chocolate – I can’t even mention the foods because then I’ll be hungry again. Anything sweet, I would gravitate to – I would want dessert for breakfast, so I cut it out, and I still like it, but it’s not that compulsion anymore, thank God.”


Here’s a shocker: Even though she lost 25 lbs., she doesn’t regularly work out.

“Hell, no,” she says defiantly. “I reduced the eff out of what I ate. Let me tell you, I am not a friend to working out. I am the type that I feel exercise is the evil devil, and I try not to do anything physical at all. I won’t even have sex, except once a week, because it burns too many calories. I can’t take it.”

Despite shedding 25 lbs., she would like to get the number on the scale even lower.

“Let’s pray, that by next year, I’m down to a normal size like an 8 or something, which is fat for normal people, but thin for me, where people would go [gasps] ‘You look so different and svelte.’”

Busy week: Lisa hosts a panel discussion with fellow Celebrity Apprentice contestants Debbie, Aubrey O’Day, Dee Snider and George Takei at NYC’s Core Club, where she yuks that Donald Trump might have Alzheimer's Disease because he repeated himself so often on the show.

Of course, staying active is another way to slim down.

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