Jennifer Hudson has a case of the munchies after shedding 80 lbs.

OK! Exclusive: Dieting Tips from Jennifer Hudson

“Chocolate-chip cookies are my favorite holiday treat,” the Oscar-winning American Idol finalist, 32, tells me Monday during her Black Nativity premiere held at the Apollo Theater in NYC. “We bake cookies, like, every single day. That’s not good for my Weight Watchers, but we bake cookies every day.”

How does she avoid going overboard?

“I can eat it, but I just eat it in portions,” the engaged mom to son David, 4, explains. “As long as I eat my serving size, I’m OK. But lately I’ve been making chocolate-chip cookies the size of my face, and just eating them. [laughs]”

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As for her short hair, which she debuted three weeks ago?

“It’s so easy,” she says. “Then, I get to explore with myself and find my new swag with it. It changes your wardrobe, your style, your flavor. I’m getting used to it!”

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