Even Jenny McCarthy feels pressure when it comes to getting older.

“I can’t be turning 40,” the bubbly blonde laments after leading Danskin’s Pose For A Cause yoga class benefiting her charity, Generation Rescue, at London Hotel in L.A. this week. “It’s not possible!”

Alas, NBC and VH1’s newest hostess will hit the big 4-0 in November.

As the former Playboy pinup has gotten older, she’s noticed her figure has changed.

“My metabolism has slowed down, my skin is looser and my boobs are just plain saggy,“ she tells me.


To combat signs of aging, Jenny turns to yoga.

“It tightens, detoxes, and gets rid of the enemy — cellulite!”


Making time for the gym is a “must” for the single mom, whose son Evan, 9, was diagnosed with autism in 2005.  

“I wake up early and force myself to do it,” she says. “I know afterward I’ll feel great. Sometimes, though, I take breaks, because I don’t want to get burned out doing the same routine.”

Diet-wise, Jenny turns to the outer edge of the grocery store to keep her figure in top form.

“I fill up on a lot of fruits and veggies. I hate feeling hungry, so I try to make myself full on low-cal stuff.”

And she adheres to another tried-and-true diet tip.

“Don’t eat after 7 p.m.!”

Danskin’s Pose For A Cause supports Jenny’s charity, Generation Rescue, which is an organization dedicated to the recovery of children with autism spectrum disorders. This summer, look for Jenny’s Love In The Wild dating show, airing on NBC, and later this year, be sure to check out The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1.

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