Now that Melissa Gorga’s book, Love Italian-Style: The Secrets To My Hot And Happy Marriage, is in stores, she reveals that her nine-year marriage to hubby Joe hasn’t always been perfect.

“Joe and I are both fiery,” Melissa tells me this week during the McDonald’s New Mighty Wings launch event in NYC. “We’re go-getters. We’re fire signs, both of us, so sometimes we battle. It hasn’t always been easy. We have had our arguments and our ego battles.”

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In fact, Melissa admits that they fought just this week!

“I needed him to help me around the house,” she explains. “We sold our house, and I needed to hang pictures. He was not in the mood. I was like ‘it has to happen now.’”

He adds, “I don’t want to hang pictures. It’s Sunday morning. It’s football season.”

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She adds, “Typical husband-wife stuff.”

He continues, “I said ‘no,’ so she chased me around the table. I ran around the whole house.”

Ultimately, they reached a compromise. Joe hung up a few pictures that day, and agreed to put up the rest the next day.

What’s the secret to fighting fairly so that a couple actually gets somewhere when tempers flare?

“There is a way to fight right,” Melissa says. “I believe you talk it out, work it out, and even if you have to yell it out once in awhile, it’s OK, but at the end of the night, before you lay down, you need to be in a good spot.”

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For more tips on how to argue efficiently and spice up your relationship, pick up Melissa’s book, Love Italian-Style: The Secrets To My Hot And Happy Marriage. Who’s your favorite Real Housewives star? Who’s your favorite Real Housewives couple? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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